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We would like to invite organised and groups of foreign and individual tourists as well as special guests of your companies to memorable and appealing incoming tours throughout Poland. We specialize in one-day and few-days inbound tourism programmes, appealing for foreign visitors in terms of nature, culture and history.


Bissole Business Travel, based on its extensive experience, relations with reliable and professional contractors – transport companies, restaurants and guides, offers a variety of tailored services and programs to make your stay in Poland filled with positive memories. During the stay of our guests, we take care of the participants and realisation of the program and always take into account customs and traditions of each nation as well as other characteristics and the specificity of the group.

We have all the necessary documents and warranties to run our business. We are professionals with an extensive experience in the business travel industry, incentive travel and inbound tourism organisation.


The scope of the incoming services

According to the individual needs, we can organise a unique, custom-tailored program or selected, particular services, such as:

  • Hotel booking
  • Transport arranging/car rental
  • Restaurant reservations/catering
  • Conference rooms renting
  • Entrances to the visited facilities
  • Tickets for cultural/sport events
  • Licensed guides
  • Group tutors
  • Interpreters
  • Organisation of additional attractions

We encourage the companies hosting their foreign contractors, special guests or other delegations as well as the foreign companies interested in organising an interesting stay in Poland as well as event companies from different countries to cooperate with us.


Why Poland?

Year by year, Poland is becoming an increasingly attractive and popular tourist destination. Tourist, business, conference and congress infrastructures at the high level, a vast selection of the 5-star hotels, excellent service at the top tourist’s attractions, service in several languages, exceptional cuisine, an improving quality of road network and diversified network of flight connections – all this makes the visitors have positive memories, regardless the purpose of their visit – business or pleasure. The Polish sites included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage can serve as the basis to create an interesting city break program or a few-days round trips program. Currently, there are 15 places, including:

  • Old Town of Cracow
  • Wieliczka and Bochnia Salt Mines
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau. Nazi German Concentration and Death Camp.
  • Old Town of Warsaw
  • The Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica
  • The Centennial Hall (“Hala Stulecia”) in Wrocław
  • Białowieża Forest (“Puszcza Białowieska”)

Poland is famous for its hospitality, openness, beautiful traditions and exquisite cuisine. Each foreigner will be delighted with bigos sauerkraut dish, dumplings or sour rye soup and those are only three exquisite dishes of our cuisine. In addition, there is a vast list of the regional specialities! Poland is more and more popular also because of its numerous international sports and cultural events held in modern facilities.

The diversity of nature, from the sea, through lakes and forests to impressive mountains give unlimited possibilities to organise sightseeing, leisure and curative programs in spa towns as well as the incentive travels or diversified events and conferences. Numerous activities help to appreciate the beauty of nature as well as the local traditions and diversity of customs even during a short business trip to Poland.