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We have been on the market for quite a long time – since 2005

It has been 17 years, and during this time we have been helping our corporate clients to travel freely and without any problems. So far we have cooperated with over 470 companies, and we have been sending business people practically everywhere.

Our services:

Air tickets for regular and low cost airlines

Accommodation all over the world

Car rental

Travel insurance

Train tickets


Transportation at your destination

Comprehensive service

Depending on your specific needs and requirements, we offer to find the best travel and accommodation options.

Depending on your budget, the solutions we offer can be cheap or luxurious, the fastest, or the most convenient – you know best what you need, and it’s enough to just tell us. We are flexible and we will listen to you.

We can also help you arrange car rental, travel insurance and train tickets all over the world, anywhere you want. We also offer to help people get visas, and of course we take care of all visa procedures. We can also arrange transportation services at your destination, even in the most exotic places.

The most important thing to say about our company is that our customers feel safe and comfortable because they know that they can rely on us and on our good judgement. Companies who work with us know very well that we work in their best interest and that we will always look for practical, optimal business solutions for them.

Your profits from working with Bissole

The dream team

First of all, we’ve built a strong team. Our employees are reliable, experienced and responsible. With so much experience, I can safely say that we know our business inside-out. We are used to every-day needs and situations, of course, but non-standard services are nothing special for us, and we are really good at all kinds of emergencies. Cancelled or missed flights, language barrier – we solve it all for our clients.

24/7 help desk

So in order to be always available for our clients, right at the beginning of our presence on the market, we set up our 24/7 help desk. Our clients travel around the world, and using the help desk, they can contact us in need any time of day and night. Customers can feel secure, since in case of emergency they will be offered help immediately. It’s just enough to call us with whatever problem they have during the trip organized by us.

Your own Account Manager

Another solution which makes us different is your own Account Manager. When you become our client, you start working with one person who will take care of your account and of your company. This person will soon know you and your company policy very well, and they will make sure that all of your standards and requirements are followed. Your Account Manager generally makes all your bookings, negotiates your rates and supervises your trips. Account Manager is also your contact person in case of emergency. This solution makes life easier for everybody because you don’t need to waste time to talk to many different people for different services. It’s all in one hands.

Save time

  • Everything in one place
  • Self-booking tool

We work fast, but we also use some business solutions which help us achieve this goal. First of all you can get everything done in one place: we will book your flights, your hotels, all kinds of transfers and provide other non-standard services connected with business travel. You just call us, tell us what exactly you need, and we take care of it all.

We can also provide you with your own self-booking tool – to book your planes, your accommodation and your car rental. Using the system, this can be done by your travel arranger, or by the travellers themselves. We enter all your travel policy guidelines into the system, and then the system takes it into account when choosing the best options for a specific person (air-ticket class, budget, hotel standard, etc.). We can see and monitor your choices, so in case of trouble you can also count on us. Another thing we can do on your request is to export data to your IT systems.


Save money

We are able to save not only your time, but also to optimize your costs – just because we learn fast about you, about your travel policy and your expectations. With this knowledge we are able to make good choices on your behalf, for example when it comes to negotiating and arranging corporate rates with airlines and hotels.

The services you purchase through us can be covered by BTA cards issued by American Express and Diners Club. Thanks to that your payments are delayed, which is of course good for your cash flow.

We also try to be flexible with invoicing for our services, and always individually discuss the most convenient solutions. We sometimes invoice projects, individual services, or if you want – we can provide collective invoices.

We help our clients save money with all kinds of travel loyalty programs available. It’s done automatically in our system, so you don’t need to worry or remember about it.

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